Our Rangers

Philip joined the Mateya Safari Lodge team in 2006 in the position of Assistant Manager & Head Ranger and has been the General Manager at the lodge since 2009. He started his career in 1995 in the Madikwe Game Reserve after completing 3 years military service in the Kruger National Park, being part of the anti-poaching unit.

Spending the majority of 15 years within the Madikwe Game Reserve, he has also guided in some of the most beautiful and world renowned reserves in Southern Africa, these include the Madikwe Game Reserve, Kruger National Park & Surrounding Areas, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia.

18 years on, he is still sharing his knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for nature and Madikwe Game Reserve with his guests, with emphasis on animal behaviour and photographic safaris. Philip is a published wildlife photographer, guiding guests specializing in wildlife photography and birding being there main interest. His wildlife photography has been published in the Getaway Magazine, 2 coffee table books and numerous websites.

He has completed a guiding/rangers course at the beginning of his career and were evaluated by FGASA, to conduct Safaris & Trails Guiding in “BIG 5 & Dangerous Game” areas. Philip has also completed the advanced weapons handling course.

Werner was born in Johannesburg, South-Africa and has been intrigued and drawn to the African bush and its wildlife from a very young age. Werner got his first manual film camera combined with some photography lessons from his dad at the age of 11, sparking his interest in photography. He completed a Photographic Diploma teaching him the finer points of fine art photography.

He completed a Photographic Diploma teaching him the finer points of fine art photography. Later on Werner did a formal Field Guide qualification to enable him to conduct private guided and photographic safaris in “BIG 5 & Dangerous Game” areas, both from a vehicle or on foot, after completed the Advanced Weapons Handling course set out and assessed by FGASA. Werner followed his passion and guided in the world famous Kruger National park.

Growing up Werner visited many of Southern Africa’s national parks and spent many an hour observing animals in their natural habitat, learning animal behaviour to enable him to get “that perfect shot”. Werner’s love for the natural world led him to work for an American based cruise line company that enabled him to travel and photograph the world.
Werner is currently living his dream and has been with Mateya Safari Lodge since 2009, as the Assistant Manager and Head Ranger, spending hours in the bush every day sharing his love for African and her wildlife and photography with his guests.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to work with animals or at least be among them. I studied Game Ranch Management at the Tshwane University of Technology, after which I decided to pursue a career in the Field Guiding Industry or known to some people as Game Ranging.

I began my guiding career in 2005, after attaining my FGASA Level 1 qualification in 2004, and since then just excelled in my career obtaining various other qualifications i.e. FGASA Level 2 as well as the Advanced Rifle Handling qualifications among other qualifications pertaining to the Field Guiding Industry.

I like spending time away from the busy city life, taking photos of our wonderful wildlife, and also meeting new people from around the world.

I have worked at well-known Reserves i.e. Pilanesberg National Park, as well as some other “small” Lodges, as well as not-so-well-known Lodges & Reserves.  I have been working in Madikwe from 2012-2015, I decided late 2015 to try another area of South Africa, but I missed Madikwe Game Reserve, so I returned mid-2016 to continue my career in Guiding in the magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve.