01 JANUARY 2012

The bush is alive and kicking here on Madikwe and we have had some great sightings. With waterholes filling and water available all over the reserve and the bush thickening the herbivores are in seventh heaven. It is clearly visible when viewing the elephant herds with them being very relaxed and at ease with all the available food and water.

Guests have had some great sightings of big herds of elephants swimming and playing around waterholes and also some action packed sightings of elephants chasing wild dogs on two separate occasions. The Jamala females in the south east was also viewed one morning with their five cubs and after leaving them two more unknown females was found heading straight to the Jamala’s we followed them slowly for over 30minutes when they eventually bumped into the Jamala females, the Jamala’s chased them out of the area very quickly. Lions, male and female are highly territorial so any intruders will be persecuted on site especially if it’s females with cubs to protect.

Also had a good leopard sighting of a female stalking impala she was viewed for about 20 minutes before the impala moved away into the thick bush she followed them closely so we decided to leave her seeing as we would most probably spoil the hunt for her if we went off roading after her.
Also the Lenyalo male lions have been seen on a regular basis on Madikwe plains with the older male of the three mating with one of the resident female pride females, so with some luck we will be seeing some new editions soon.

All in all it’s been a fantastic month of game viewing with something to see around every corner. Make sure to visit our Mateya facebook page for regular updates of game drives, ranger photos and trail camera pictures.

Until we meet again…