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December 2023

The park has still been receiving a good amount of rain through the month with the majority falling at the beginning then tapering off to the end. We are hoping for the rain to continue through to the new year.  Even though history has shown that the heavens can often close the tap after good rains. Madikwe has received many new members in the form of warthogs, impalas, wildebeest, zebra, elephant and giraffe to name a few. This is the time of the year when food is plentiful, thus we see new-borns of all shapes and sizes breathing new life and energy into the park. Definitely seem like the males have been busy during the breeding season.


Kwena and Keitumetse pride members has been in heat and the Mahiwe males have been sticking close by. The attractive smell would quickly get the attention of the males. When the female has been located the romance will start. Once she is more comfortable with him will she present herself to him and they will mate often for up to 5 days. Only the strongest of males will be able to reproduce because over this time he will become weaker and can be challenged by other males. If all goes well within 110 days we might have little lions joining the pride.


Sightings of Madikwe’s Wilddog has been regular though unpredictable as it seems like the population has divided into three groups now as they are trying to establish the hierarchy. Cheetah population still stable and seems like Savanna(female) will be joining the park soon again after her injury.

The spotted hyena den sites have been showing little activity. These animals will occupy large territories and will move between several den sites if there is a disturbance of sort. So, for now the brown hyena den site has been enjoying lots of attention. They have been very active. The cubs are growing up and would be a year old soon.

The park has been busy with many visitors from all over the globe coming to spend their festive time with some of Africa’s biggest and smallest mammals. We hope to see even more guest in the new year.

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