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June 2024

June Sunrise: 07:00

June Sunset: 17:42

Average low temperature: 8’C

Average high Temperature: 22:C

June rainfall: 0mm


With winter in full swing in Madikwe we had our first few cold fronts of the season move through. These fronts typically come in from the Cape Peninsula accompanied by cold winds and normally lasts for two to three days.

The wild dogs of Madikwe game reserve are denning now and sightings are less frequent and very quick as pack members make their way down the ridge where the den site is located, to the flat open areas where prey can be located. Their objective, find and dismantle prey in the shortest time possible and return to the den site where they regurgitate to the hungry pups and adults on babysitting duties. Few guests are lucky enough to witness these verrucous, but super sufficient hunters over the denning period. Mateya’s guests were lucky to enjoy an amazing sighting of the Wild Dogs finishing their breakfast at a nearby dam on their way back from a morning drive. The Bates pack is denning on a ridge close to where Mateya is located and the Ngolothi pack is denning in the southern sections of Madikwe on the Dwarsberg mountain.

Cheetah sightings have been plentiful. The northeast of Madikwe has become a favoured area for cheetah to hunt and avoid competition. The three cheetah brothers are growing up and becoming a force to be recant with. Madikwe have been enjoying excellent sightings of these three around the south of the park.

Leopard have become more regular with sightings of a young male and female around the central dam close to where Mateya is located. We believe these two could be siblings and with large herds of Impalas around the central water we hope to see more of them.

Mateya’s watering hole is a busy destination this time of year. Many different herds of elephants make their way to the water every day, while certain species of game wait their turn as the elephant dominate around the watering hole. Sometimes, we are about to leave for game drive and the guests are distracted by all the animals moving in and out from the watering hole at Mateya. The Guests cannot get enough, taking photos and to enjoy the moment.

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The Mateya Team