19th April 2023

What a absolutely amazing and beautiful place. The safari rides with wonderful and brilliant guides, the great meals, and the attentive and thoughtful staff. Will be back!
Frank and Laura Inman, Atlanta GA


19th April 2023

What a magical place to be pampered and amazed by all the beauty and wonder of Africa! We were in awe of the knowledge of Werner and each guide, it was such an education for us. The food was delicious and elegantly presented, a surprise to each meal. It’s hard to leave and we will have memories for life. Thank you Christine, Werner, Michelle and Morne and all the staff!
Debbie and Paul Hudson


31 st March 2023

What a wonderful stay! Thank you very much for very much for everything! I felt like a queen. Will never forget the walking safaris and the roaring lions- very impressive. Thanks you to Jacques and Sam for the luxury safaris just for myself. And Judith, thanks for the lovely chat.


March 26th , 2023

This was an amazing experience! We travelled her with our children and a sister. The safaris were so much fun and interesting. The rooms were so beautiful. The food- couldn’t have ask for better. All the staff were so friendly and helpful and wonderful! Thank you.
Terry and Chester


March 24, 2023

My stay here was simply a dream. The entire staff was spot on. The room was so comfortable. The food amazing. And the guide and tracker! I simply cannot say enough good things.
Jen Andrew


22nd February 2023

We had a wonderful time. The whole experience was in one word GREAT! All the staff was very nice and polite. Everything was as comfortable as you would expect. From the breakfast to dinner and the safari. We loved every minute of our stay. We will be back.


19 February 2023

An unforgettable experience! Beautiful drives with Morne and Sidney. With their experience we saw some many unexpected things. And the warm hospitality from the staff in the lodge made us feel so welcome. Certainly a place worth coming back to. Thank you all!
Peter, Susan, Motsion and Evelien


10 February 2023

To all at Mateya,
Thanks you for an unforgettable stay at your amazing lodge with wonderful staff. The gamedrives with Jacques and Ferguson were a delightful adventure and the care from the lovely staff made us
feel right at home!

Veel danke Annelies and Marco


February 8 th 2023

Dear Mateya family
We are beyond grateful for being able to feel your own way of hospitality, your smiles, your love and care, your passion for what you do and your kindness. In quite a rough world you create a “ safe place’’, a home and very deeply thankful of having shared these precious moments with you. The eyes will never forget what the heart has seen. Thanks to our host Morne, Ferguson, Michelle, Judith, Barbara, Samson, Joseph, Ephriame… and everyone who is part of this family.

Mama’s special thanks to Morne, the best ranger in the world, take care, much love.
Rene and Ursula(Mama) Roseburg, Germany


7 January 2023

Dear Mateya team
Thanks for the wonderful experience, the lodge is amazing, your kindness and your hospitality felt us being home, the game drives will always be in our memories together with the South African sky.
Thanks for the great food, the excellent wine and the fantastic messages. You made an unforgettable holiday!


31 July 2022

We have enjoyed every moment of our time here at Mateya. The place is magnificent and truly magical. The hospitality of our guide, administrators and every one of the staff is unmatched. We can’t thank you enough the truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience.
Newton Quantz


30 July 2022

Team Mateya
Thanks you for an unforgettable trip


30 July 2022

Thanks for such an incredible week. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Your hospitality was the best and everyone made us feel like Mateya was our home too. We will never forget each and every one of you and hope to come back some day.
Until then, thanks so much!!


30 July 2022

Dear Mateya staff
Thanks for an amazing trip. The whole team was so great. This was the most incredible experience. Words can’t describe how incredible this vacation was. You all made us feel like family. We will remember this trip forever. We can’t wait to come back!
Anna Hamilton Taylor
Atlanta GA


30 July 2022

Team Mateya
Thank you for an unforgettable trip! Each and every day left me with a sense of awe and amazement. I feel so privileged to have these memories.
Off all the amazing things I have seen the part I will cherish the most is the people. Thanks to each and every person who has made this a trip I will never forget!
Many thanks, Anna


25 July 2022

On behalf of the Holt family, we would like thank all the staff of Mateya for such a wonderful stay. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail on our behalf was greatly appreciated. This was a vacation of a lifetime for us. Thank you to all who made our time here so special.
We will be back!
The Holts


20 July 2022

Great people of Mateya
Margret and I truly enjoyed our visit and marvel at the way you made us so comfortable and impressed with our service and dedication to your guests. We truly hope to return with our children to have them learn of such a fun and exciting part of Africa. Thank you all.
Paul and Margaret
Treasure island, Florida USA


17 July 2022

Dear Mateya staff
You are amazing! Thank you for the best vacation we have ever had. We are looking forward to seeing you in the future.
Jim and Ellie
Delmar, California


27 June 2022

Thank you! Your hospitality and surroundings out wildest dreams. We feel like we’ve been given a very special gift. The reserve is stunning but so is the lodge. Every time we walked around a corner here we discover a new treasure. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.
Michelle and Kevin

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